Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Promise, this is good!!!

An explanation as to my crazy week:

1) Completed group project for my class. Did the presentation, spent most night at the Business Library until late. Ended up getting a 115/125. Woot.

2) Put the ball in motion to restart the indie dyer business. New Name, same idea. Claimed domain name, etsy name, twitter feed, Facebook account. Working on a logo. All in one day. Have started learning how to build own website. (while selling on Etsy, mind you.)
Will post once the shop is up and running.

3) Twitter feeds: Personal = @pandorasslave
Shop = @elusivethread

4) Having survived the quarter at work, I am simply trying to float. Looking for other employment, and trying to stay positive.

5) Subscribed to a spiffy magazine, called The Crafts Report, which is specifically for crafty business owners. Downloaded and memorized the trial issue, then immediately subscribed.

I've been a little busy lately, but it is all for the good of the collective, promise.:)

Here's what really matters. I went to see Roger Waters perform the entirety of the Wall, including stage production. I can only say, it was well worth the price we paid and the seats we were in. And Vancouver is a wonderful place to visit, even if the drivers are a little....special...

And I of course went to a yarn shop.

Three Bags Full in Vancouver BC. Cute shop, bought some Sweet Georgia Yarns (whom I now know someone who knows her! SQUEEE!), some Corriedale, and some Targhee to spin.

It has been a whirlwind. But it's getting better all the time!