Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Purchases

Okay, the News of the week.

1) I bought my spinning wheel. More correctly, I put the order in with The Bellwether. I really had to buy from Amelia, because a) she is the most wonderful, sweet, kind and funny person, b) she let me come out to her home to test drive the Spinolution Bee before I decided to save the money for it c) she gave me some sheep fuzz from her Soay sheep (RARE BREED!!!!!) to try my hand at. (it's washed, I just haven't started spinning samples yet...)

Really I couldn't possibly have spent my money with a better person. And I get an awesome wheel out of the deal. I really hope it will show up before the Tour de Fleece starts. I would like to have that time to get to know my Bee.

I was out with my mom yesterday, shopping to reward myself after having deep cleaned our kitchen (I used up 3, count 'em 3 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers on that job, and then subsequently ran out of them. Obviously, I'd have to go out to get more, right?) We went to the farmer's market where I picked up 3.2 lbs of Roma tomatoes so that I can make more pasta sauce.  I can't wait. 

2) And then we decided to hit up the T-Mobile store just to see if they had my phone yet. I must preface with a little disclaimer: The reason I went to T-Mo is because yesterday morning, after only having been off the charger for about 2 hours, my MyTouch 3G decided it couldn't handle the battery life thing and died. After a charge, it was fine, but that was just silly. So I decided that if they had the new G2X in stock, I would buy it. They did. I did. It was a beautiful thing.

I have spent the morning rediscovering how many plastic "protector" thingies one phone can have on it. It took me all morning to remember that there was a plastic thing to protect the "power" button! (are scratches on a power button really an issue?)

Excuse me, as I pick another one off of the 8 megapixel camera lens. Honestly. It'll be another week before all of these are off. 

I'm excited. I have a phone that might not crap out on me so soon. But now, due to summer hours being so short (I am only working 28 hours per week over the summer), no more big purchases for me. Glad I got that out of the way. 

And now I am off to check out where the charcoal smell is coming from....Apartment living. It's a treat.