Saturday, February 28, 2009

Working on Weekends is FUN!

Just created my first colorway. "Achlys' Mist" No pictures, as it just came out of the dyepot. Now I must create labels for my yarns. hrmph.

Laundry is 40% done. Good start.

And I need size 0 needles in the 47" length. bah. No socks for me.....

On the bright side, dinner with Mom tonight is Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (on the assumption that Dad got a reservation) Thinking about stopping by Cultured Purls to see if they have any sock needles for me. *pondering getting dressed into real clothes*

My brain is swimming with ideas for colorways, but I need to pick up some supplies before I go the route of handpainting.

Friday, February 27, 2009

FO: Anastasia Socks

Finished the Anastasia Socks 2 days, count 'em 2 days before my mom's birthday! How cool is that?!

The Breakdown:
Pattern: Anastasia Socks by Pepperknit
Yarn: 2 skeins Koigu KPM in color 100, royal blue
Made for: Mom
Mods:I did not really pay attention to the point that I should have. Did the Turkish Cast-on from, then did increases for the toe one stitch in from the edges using kf&b. Followed the directions explicitly for the instep and sole, then once I got past the short row heel, promptly threw caution to the wind and simply picked a spot on the pattern to start the back of the leg. The front of the leg was a continuation from the instep, using the whole chart. The back of the leg was just the pattern repeat outlined in red, repeated twice. Next time, I will actually pay attention and do it right. I like the way they turned out, but because I split the front and back of the leg, the spirals don't actually spiral up the leg the way they are supposed to. I did not use up all my yarn. At the point I was at, I chose to do only 4 inch legs then a 3/4 inch cuff. Laziness in addition to time limits (had to have them done by last night so I could wash and block them and have them be dry for dinner tomorrow)
Issues: I did not bind off loose enough (should have done EZ's Sewn Bind Off) the first time on the cuff, so had to frog back at 11pm last night. This including splicing the yarn back together since I had already chopped and woven ends in. My fault. I admit it. It's not the pattern at all.
Summary: Make this pattern. Follow the instructions explicitly. It is a gorgeous pattern, and I ended up really enjoying the cuff suggestion, because it blends the pattern beautifully into the cuff. I will be knitting these again. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It spreads like a lovely disease

Guess what? I got one of my coworkers to join Ravelry. Okay, so she's more of a friend now. :D I am excited because even though she is transferring to a different area, I can still harass her with PMs on Ravelry. Mwahahahahahaha. And I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't become addicted to the joys of Ravelry. (Jess, Casey and Bob, you guys are amazing and have amazing ideas!)

In other news, I am only midway through the instep of the Anastasia Socks for Mom's birthday. I need to get my bum in gear, because I only have this weekend to finish them! *insert worried wails of torment here* Oh, and I am hunting for a pattern to make my STR lightweight in Lapis into (2 skeins). Any ideas? I would prefer something with an interesting stitch pattern, so I don't get bored, and they will most likely be knee socks, based upon yardage. I am open to suggestions. *sideways look at all the Ravelers*

It is actually sunny here in Seattle. got to watch the sun rise, and noticed that there is a lot of green when you gaze out the window across the street. I like green (as is evidenced by my stash).

Put together a little present for my friend, who is leaving. She gets yarn and a couple of cds. We were rocking out to Apoptygma Berzerk at work last night, because I had a cd that the player would actually read, so I burned her that and some Wolfsheim, simply because I enjoy sharing the love. I actually got two people at work to like Apop. hehe.

Oh, and I must buy this shirt

from here

It's a t-shirt from my new Favorite company Split Reason. Lots of geeky fun there. :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why yes, there HAS been progress!

I finished the Right Front on the Central Park Hoodie (rav link) and actually sat down to block the fronts and the back before starting the sleeves. So here is where the trouble started. Two packages of T Pins is not enough to properly pin down sweater bodies (note to self:get some more T pins!!!), so I had to fenangle it just a tad.

Second, you may recall my little mess up with the binding off for the neck on the left front? Well, it's a bit obvious, and no amount of blocking will fix it. Question is: how much do i really care? It's gonna be hidden by the ribbed button band anyways. Meh.

And from the photo, you can see that the back is quite obviously two toned. No worries, the whole sweater is gonna take a plunge into a dye bath to make the color change less obvious, and it IS on the back, so it will be hidden by the hood.

And, I did make a little progress on Mother's Anastasia socks. It's a wonder how many sixteenths of an inch you can add while listening to books on tape. :/

Why yes, it IS a toe! And you know what? Both the toes are done! *squeeeee*

Now, if only I can get to the heel tonight, and then finish the rest on Monday. *looks at clock* umm....

In other news, I did order a bunch of blanks, so that next weekend I can spend dyeing and putting things up on my Etsy shop. I got a new bag from Xcessrize Designs and I must say, this woman can SEW! The bag is perfect! Picture Here

And then I bought a row counter bracelet. I've wanted one for a while, but never really found one that was pretty enough to pass as just regular jewelry. But I found one while surfing Etsy, and will certainly post pictures upon receipt of the loveliness

Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring Patterns to Buy

I can't see buying the entire booklet, but I would like to get Mioska from Berrocco's Boooklet #285 Linen Jeans. Mioska is a really pretty camisole pattern, perfect for my summer dress code. Of course, I may just have to stop by Bad Woman Yarn or Weaving Works to see if they have it, simply for the fact that I respect copyright laws, and the designers that are protected by it.

I wonder how much the book costs....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Things of Note

1) I must say that Eric, of Cables and Lace has now reached my "favorite person on the face of the planet" category. Through a series of conversations (not only with the sock club mix up of 2008) he has graciously helped me with information seeking regarding my Etsy shop, and the next steps I should take. Many thanks to Eric and his gracious nature. (BUY HIS STUFF) I've loved everything that I've ever gotten from his shop, and he himself is a gracious, generous, and downright awesome guy!

2) the Knit Kit I want one. Now. Before flying in July. I want one!!! And why the hell has no one come up with this before?? It's an amazing idea, and TSA approved. Best thing since sliced bread, methinks!

oh yeah, and I was trolling etsy, and may have ended up buying a bracelet...a row counter bracelet. it's pretty. :D

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend plans accomplished

I feel great. It's Monday morning, and I got a lot done this weekend!

The only thing I didn't do was get some yarn dyed up for the shop. I am excited about a commission for more yarn that will soon be on the way though!

I did play with my spinning wheel, but am still figuring out how to get the ratios right so that the yarn will wind onto the bobbin without over spinning. It's a work in progress, but it is SO exciting!

I did make some progress on the Anastasia socks for mom's birthday, with the toes being done, and then starting the pattern on the instep. Didn't really work on the Central Park Hoodie, but did get a zipper in the perfect color for it! :D

Bought more beads and supplies to get more stitch markers made over this week.

I feel fantabulous

Etsy Shop Now Up and Running!

I have items in my shop now! Pandora's Box of Fibers

Please note that there will be more items listed this week. Just as soon as there is enough light to get decent photos!

I also dye yarn, after starting with a custom request from Crafty Coug! If you want yarn, stay tuned to the shop, because I've got a gigantor shipment of blanks on the way, and the first series will be kettle dyed loveliness!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend Plans 2/7

-Make more stitch markers and test drive them for the shop DONE!
-grab some more acid dyes and start test dyeing batches for the shop
-Update Ravelry again to reflect the mail this week
-laundry DONE!
-Play with spinning wheel!!! DONE!

-do my taxes DONE!
-dye my hair DONE!
-get pictures and post things in etsy shop. DONE!!

-make money from etsy shop

Obviously this is a rough outline

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a Reminder

Not all of the people in the knitting community are nice/good people. That is all...