Monday, March 21, 2011

FO: Handspun "Sunshine"

(this has also been talked about on The Elusive Thread Blog....)

I finally finished the superwash merino that I had started back in December for CraftyCoug's Christmas present.
Sunshine 3 ply
Sunshine 3 ply

Sunshine 3 ply
Fiber: Lisa Souza superwash merino in Squash Blossom, bought at Stitches West 2010
Spun: worsted style with a short forward draw
Ratios: Singles were spun at 14:1 on my Ashford Kiwi using the fast flyer set. Plied at 11:1

Finished Weight: 16-24 WPI with a few looser bits, roughly a light fingering weight yarn, with spots of laceweight and light DK

After I ran out of one of the singles, I opted to finish the rest with a Navajo Ply. Best idea ever.

Navajo Sunshine

Navajo Sunshine
Finished Weight: 12-20 WPI, closer to a heavy fingering, light DK weight

Both skeins were washed and then thwacked to finish. 

I think if i were to do this again, I would want to do all the singles as a Navajo ply in order to preserve the color progression. I like that this one feels more solid, but I still think the barberpole effect on the 3 ply was really interesting and pretty.

Next onto the wheel: Yarn Pirate Superwash Merino in Fiona

Yarn Pirate in Fiona

I can't wait!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emerald City Comicon 2011 Wrap-Up

Here is the weekend wrap up of the best Comicon I have been to in a very long time.

First: Here is all the loot we got. It's a lot. So much that it required two photos to get it all. :D
 Clockwise from upper left: The Day After and Other Stories by Wil Wheaton, TV on Fire print by Calamity Jon, Courtney Crumrin's Monstrous Holiday by Ted Naifeh (fave artist ever), 2 3-day badges, Possessions Book 1 and 2 by Ray Fawkes, the entire Unshelved collection by Bill Barnes(<3) and Gene Ambaum
Clockwise from top center: Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: TNG, signed with a special "Wesley says it's SEXYTIME" speech bubble, 2 photos of Bruce Boxleitner, one in his Babylon 5 get up, which should earn me extra points, as they are addressed to my brother and father. Ahem. Happy Birthday, brother. Guess what you're getting. :D

Friday was spent going to several of the panel discussions, such as those of Jonathan Frakes and Wil Wheaton. Wil Wheaton's Awesome Hour was just that. He read from his books, and also answered fun questions.  Jonathan Frakes talked about what it was like after TNG, and how he is still in feature film purgatory after his first feature film doing less than well.

Both were engaging speakers, and were very down to earth, as well as fun to have the opportunity to talk to.

The floor was a giant comic nerd's dream. Not only were there the usual comic book shop booths but we had the opportunity to speak with Bill Barnes and Gene Abraum, who are the minds behind the online comic strip Unshelved.  The coolest thing is that they base their comic off of interesting occurences inside the KCLS system. Since you all know Librarian Boyfriend is just that, the comic is especially entertaining because we are sympathetic to the plight of librarians and workers everywhere.

Costumes included: the Silver Surfer (dude in silver shorts, full body make up and a silver surfboard), a few X Men, and some random cute kids.

Saturday was more fun with the panels, as we heard Felicia Day and Amy Okuda speak along with Wil Wheaton, for the Guild panel. Brent Spiner also was there, and did a panel with Jonathan Frakes. And then, of course, there was William Shatner.

We were amused at all the celebrity guests, but my favorite part was getting some items signed by Wil Wheaton.  Another crafter had given him a knitted Wil Wheaton doll, and he was very good natured. He even held my knitting for a photo, after signing a few items for us.

At one point, he had been mistakenly informed to sign another photo to the both of us, when it was supposed to be our friend's sister, so he gave us the added bonus of giving us the photo with a special addition.

It was a total blast.

Sunday was a little more low key, as most of the super nerds went home. We got to hear Bruce Boxleitner talk about his career and what he's been up to since B5 and Tron:Legacy.  He was incredibly engaging and fun to listen to.

On our way out of the panel discussion, we saw a person in a full on Ambassador Kosh outfit. Srsly. And if the lighting wasn't so bad, you'd have a photo. We also saw a full on Queen Amidala, with the headress and everything from Episode 1, and a few more cute little kids dressed up as robin, batman, etc. And there was even an Ewok. :D

We spent about an hour after the panel discussion wandering the floor, checking Artists' Alley for anything that we had missed, which is where I picked up Possessions and our TV on Fire print (it's called 'Oops' but...)

All in all, I have spent 3 days having fun and geeking out. I need to do this more often. So who's going to PAX?? I'll talk to you in the comments.