Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Backpedaling is the New Black

So. In my meeting today:

"we never said you'd have cut hours or lose your benefits! That must have been a miscommunication! Oh, and I understand you don't like your new location. But just give it a chance, and we will work with you. Here's some sunshine and posies to make it all better"

Okay...so the last sentence didn't happen. But it should have. there was a WHOLE LOT of apologies and silliness, which I think was instituted by the Union jumping down management's throat. Go union. I knew those dues were worth something.

Oh, and I sold another sweater's worth of yarn. Thanks guys, you just paid for some it-really-can't-wait dental work. I appreciate how much you guys wanted to help.

I still wanna quit my job. But at least know I can bide my time until i am actually ready to move somewhere else. Let me tell you though, I am still applying like crazy to other places. It's just that there is less....urgency, I suppose.

Hooray. Oh, and tomorrow I get to take the day off in order to go get a crown put in. oh squee.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Guitar Hero is Silly

Am currently sitting in front of the tv, half-paying attention to Librarian Boyfriend playing Guitar Hero Metallica. It makes me laugh. The animation is terrible and the songs are great...when played by the band. :D

Will be turning in notice tomorrow, I think. It freaks me out, but I think i will better be able to concentrate on changing careers once this bag of cement rocks is off my sinking boat. And the bonus will be that I will have time free to go to all the career fairs happening around Seattle. YAY!

gawd. It's gonna be hard. But they did bring this upon themselves, I think.

Union Contract makes good

I am working 8 hours today. Mini blessing in a sea of screwed-up-ed-ness. This buys me a little time to figure out my next *uber mature* move.

I want to be done with this, but I also really like having a job. really a lot. Strange, isn't it?

And so, I go to work today, keep my head down, and pray for rain.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the Darkest of Times

There is still the Rockin Sock Club. I received my March shipment. Now, I am not one for mauves and browns, but damn, this is pretty. And I fully respect Stephanie Pearl-McPhee for her use of picot edges and rosebuds.

I will knit these. As soon as I finish selling all my yarn.

I don't suppose that I can use this as a method of achieving my goal to reduce my stash size. I am too depressed to think about it.

Mom took me out to lunch today, and then we went up to get her new glasses. I talked to her regarding my situation with the JOB. She agrees that I should be turning in notice before I become jaded at being screwed out of hours and insurance. I think I am making the right decision. But it's so scary. Because as soon as notice is given, it's.....PERMANENT. No going back, no safety net. Nothing. And that's what's really getting to me.

I am selling my possessions to afford rent the next few months. I wake up, apply online for jobs, search for opportunities and job fairs. I look at the mountains of yarn that I am saying goodbye to. I stare into the box of undyed yarns that I must take care of. I look at my Etsy shop and pray that it'll be enough. And then I think about my collection of rare books, and think about how I can sell them.

But at least I still have BMFA Rockin Sock Club to look forward to. Since it was paid for when the times were good, hopefully it will inspire those good times to return.

In the meantime, I will knit.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It seems to me...

...that people should use logic and assume that they will have to pay shipping. Just a thought. I have had four people message me regarding yarns I am selling, and then when I message them back with the cost of shipping, they act surprised. "$10 for malabrigo? I thought the shipping was included with that price!" Jesus Christ. I am already selling at a loss, simply because I need the money. Of course shipping is calculated AFTER I am told what is desired.

I wish I didn't need to sell all my yarn. This is just silly.

the Gist of It

I have been informed that my position is being eliminated. As a "courtesy" they are offering me a position in a crappier location. I smiled last night, but will be giving my two weeks notice, because they are going to put me on part time no benefits. I can't survive like that.

I am a little freaked out right now.

Thank you for buying my stash. By the way, I still have an Etsy shop, and there will be an update of more yarn dyeings ASAP.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Great Stash Sale, Continued

All of the yarn that I am not legally obligated to keep is now up on the Ravelry stash trade page here

Please give my yarn a good home.

I have spent the past 6 hours crying about it, but when it comes down to it. A place to live, and insulin to survive are much more important.


Monday, March 23, 2009

The Great Stash Sale

Please email me at alisiadragoon at gmail dot com, tell me what yarn you want. I will send you a paypal invoice. Prices listed are the price for the yarn. Shipping is gonna be $4, regardless of how much you buy. Please buy lots. Paypal only please.

1)A Swell Yarn Shop Duet Sock yarn
Yarn weight: DK / 8 ply (11 wpi)
Amount stashed: 1 skein = 360.0 yards (329.2 m)
Dye lot: hand paint
Colorway:Lizard Scales
Color family: Green
Price: $20

2)Alpaca with a Twist, Baby Twist Jumbo Hanks
DK / 8 ply (11 wpi) SOLD
Amount stashed:2 skeins =1098.0 yards (1004.0 m)
Dye lot:79191
Color family:Red-purple
Price: $36

3)Alpaca with a Twist Fino
Yarn weight:Lace / 2 ply
Amount stashed:1 skein = 875.0 yards (800.1 m)
Dye lot:8661
Colorway:0500-Pearl Black
Color family:Black
Price: $15

4) Alpaca With a Twist Fino
Yarn weight:Lace / 2 ply
Amount stashed:1 skein = 875.0 yards (800.1 m)
Dye lot:9344
Colorway:2000-Plum Wine
Color family:Red-purple
Price: $15

5) Bamboo Merino
Yarn weight:Sport / 5 ply (12 wpi)
Amount stashed:2 skeins =218.7 yards (200.0 m)
Purchased at:yarn shop under kyoto station,japan
Dye lot:763
Colorway:15-pale green
Color family:Green
Price: $10

6)Berrocco Softwist
Yarn weight:Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi)
Amount stashed:1 skein = 100.0 yards (91.4 m)
Dye lot:79123
Colorway:9474-cornflower blue
Color family:Blue
Price: $10

7) Berrocco Ultra Alpaca
Yarn weight:Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi)
Amount stashed:2 skeins =430.0 yards (393.2 m)
Dye lot:704
Color family:Black
Price: $15

8)Berrocco Ultra Alpaca
Yarn weight:Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi)
Amount stashed:8 skeins =1720.0 yards (1572.8 m)
Dye lot:702
Colorway:6289 Charcoal
Color family:Gray
Price: $55

9)BMFS Socks That Rock Lightweight
Yarn weight:Fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi) SOLD
Amount stashed: 2 skeins =720.0 yards (658.4 m)
Color family:Blue-green
Price: $30

10)Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca and Silk
Yarn weight:DK / 8 ply (11 wpi)
Amount stashed:1 skein = 146.0 yards (133.5 m)
Dye lot:9893
Color family:Blue-green

There will be more posted once my emotional batteries have recharged. Please. I know the economy sucks, but if you can spare the money, please buy these things from me.

Hard Times Have Hit. Can You Help?

I have been struck by some hard times, which may involve the loss of my job. I have concluded that I need to sell my stash in order to make ends meet. Next post will be all my yarns that I can sell, in new condition (not even swatched) for less than what I paid for them. There will be singles and sweaters' worth of yarn. Please come back a lil later for a glance at my life savings.

I hope that you will buy from me, if only to help me out.

Money Flies Much Like Time

I feel like I work really hard. Really Hard. Unfortunately, that is not enough to guarantee hours during the breaks. My hours have been cut to 6 per day, and as one might surmise, on my salary, it certainly isn't enough to cover rent, let alone food and insulin costs.

I need to sell things. Perhaps the exercise bike in the living room, or my stash. I need something to cover this most annoying of weeks. Any ideas?

I will be showing up to work everyday a lil early, just to see if I harass people enough, if they will let me clock in early. And also will be culling the stash to reflect my need for food and rent money. *Sigh* Stay tuned, you might get some good deals on yarn.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Let Me Roll In It!

So I got my Malabrigo Projects Club March installment. Two skeins of Malabrigo Lace. In (and knowing full well that I don't really like browns) a gorgeous woody brown color called Cognac (158). SO pretty!!!!

And then, I had ordered some undyed alpaca yarn from Ebay. (figuring if it was too crappy to sell in my shop, I could at least sell it as weaving yarn...) As it turns out, this stuff is soft and smooth and yummy, and I have 1400 yards of it. Trouble is, it's closer to a heavy fingering weight yarn. I don't know of anyone who would want to buy hand dyed yarn like that in order to make a sweater. So it will most likely become a strange assortment of hand dyed sock yarn or something. Any ideas?

It's enough to make a girl wanna roll around in her stash. :D

This weekend is full up for fun. I am hanging out with my mom on Saturday. And of course, Sunday is for dyeing, and then going out to dinner with Librarian Boyfriend's family. It's gonna be tons of fun.

Oh, and happy Friday the 13th!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Even When Standing Still

I still get attacked by productivity. Yesterday was a slow day for me: I woke up late, sat around most of the day, took care of some laundry and dishes. Generally loafed around. But then I did get a lot done on reorganization.

I researched what I would need to do to finish my spinning wheel. I have decided that there must be a way involving a few hinges to make it foldable, and will be speaking with my engineer (aka Dad) later today about it. I want to make sure that my wheel will last for eons without a hitch. I figure that, while waxing it would be fun, it may not offer the kind of protection that the wood needs. So finishing it seems like the best option. And I think that I have figured out a way to make it foldable.

I knit on my Hawaiian Waterfall socks (rav link) Waterfall pattern by Wendy Johnson, available as a free download from her website I am now one increase away from being done with the toes. And no, the lighting is not good enough for pictures...sorry. I hope that the pattern will zip by once I start doing the actual pattern repeats, because I want my socks, dangit!

I have not worked at all on the Central Park Hoodie. Two sleeves and a hood away, and I am simply not getting anywhere. I did cast them on twice, though. I tried very hard to get them started. However, the directions I was following for doing a two at a time cast on were....hazy. So I looked around online and found a good tutorial for it. I just haven't done anything since then. Meh. I do want to cast on other sweaters though.

By the way. The attempt at doing NaKniSweMoDo....not happening. It's March already and I don't even have one sweater to show for it. Hopefully I will get at least three sweaters by the end of the year *looks at watch* Hrmph.

In other news, the apartment is semi clean. Oh, and CraftyCoug bought me some yarn that I will most likely be trading for a stash object she seemed to really like. :D That counts, right? As destashing?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shop Updates and Superheroes

Firstly, I did actually do a shop update. So the etsy yarn shop can, you know, have yarn in it. Only one skein so far, because I am missing some supplies in my collection and need to wait for the order to show up, but...

Second, apparently wanting an ax for a special weapon...makes me a medieval superhero?? Interesting. Get you own here

Monday, March 2, 2009

Look What I Made!

I now have a healthy respect for all fiber workers that have come before me. It took me an hour to reskein 880 yards of laceweight. I have marks on my hand from friction. But DAMN, that was worth it!

I give to you the first photos of Achylis' Mist. Soon to be put up in my Etsy Shop, as soon as I can get really good pictures.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wanna See What I Got?

Went to Acorn Street Shop today in order to procure Addi Turbo Lace needles in 2 mm size for my Waterfall Socks (rav link)

Ended up walking out with a sweaters worth of Cascade 220 in the MOST gorgeous purple.

It's called Italian Plum. (yes, cascade has names to go with the numbers..in this case the number is 8886) Isn't it pretty? I think I may want to make Titania (rav link) minus the silly vertical lines on the bust. Those are not flattering at all. We will see.

Also got a clasp for the Alvise Cardigan that is sitting unloved in my WIPs closet. I may have to dig that out after the CPH is done. (BTW, STILL only the sleeves and the hood to go...:/....)

And I of course did get the 40" US 0 and 00 needles.

The new Twist Collective is up, and damn, there is some pretty stuff in there! I want to make Primrose Path, Ardent Jacket, and also ALL of the socks. I amy even be convinced to make the Grant Pullover (same page as Ardent Jacket) for Librarian Boyfriend. If he's lucky. I am also definitely queueing the Pisara.