Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No, Christmas Knitting Hasn't Started....

I have been doing things, mind you. I have been working on the test knit. I am through the torso, and am now shaping the shoulders. Then it's just sleeves and a hood!

Then I started swatching for my dad's Gansey, by Martin Storey. Fourth Photo down on the side scroll, with the guy holding a canteen. :P(rav link)

I somehow managed to get today off. Weird, I know. Tomorrow I am taking a personal holiday so that I can go visit Jared Flood (BrooklynTweed for a book signing and talk. I am so excited! :D

Tonight I am going to go to a knit group thing down the street from me. I really want to get some knitting done in a group setting.

Hopefully all is well with you.

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