Sunday, October 11, 2009

Soynuts and Slave Labor

I have been working hard all day around the house. Did two loads of dishes, and am waiting for the third to be done. Laundry loads have been completed. (though I have to say, laundry is not done until it is put away. Hence the piles on the bed for LB to put away from yesterday. ONE BASKET. I just need one empty basket for doing my hang-dry loads. Is that too much to ask?)

I made 4 loaves of banana bread. One for mom, one for me, one for my favorite lead of all time, and then another that will be frozen for later. I am waiting until LB gets home so that I can make a few loaves of Pumpkin bread. If I play my cards right, he will have picked up butter to facilitate the bread-making.

Next up: MUFFINS! I have a box of FiberOne muffin mix, and am considering making some muffins.

Of course, this is a silly idea, simply for the fact that I am working towards losing weight, and while the muffins are healthy and fiber-y, they are probably not necessary in addition to the banana walnut bread. Nevermind the fact that baking is fun, keeps me out of trouble, and is a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. ( is knitting...)

In knitting, I have finished the decreases for waist shaping on the Test Knit, and am contemplating my navel regarding the fact that I haven't gotten further on it. yep. Still haven't started my Christmas knitting. It may end up that the in-laws don't get hand-knitted gifts, and instead get the stuff that was peripherally involved in the knitting ideas....Meh. We'll see how much time I have once this is done.

New amazing podcast! Social Knitworking. They combine three of my favourite things in one podcast! 1)Drinking! 2)Knitting! 3) Complete Nerdtopia!

Back to baking!

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