Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I had a dream....

And it was about weaving. Like, I was actually talking about doing weaving, and then CraftyCoug and I were in a room with bunches of looms. And, me, (IRL) not knowing a dang thing about weaving, was like "Oh, it can't be too hard" and started getting an explanation as to how it all works from a clerk in the room.

point 1: I do not know anything about weaving. period. So how did my brain go about creating an explanation that not only made sense, but appeared to *work* in the dreamscapes?

point 2: Why the HELL would I even consider taking on a new hobby when there is only 8 more knitting days left til christmas??

point 3: Apparently in my dream world, looms are not that expensive. *cough cough* and I bought one immediately.

Honestly. For me to have a "real life" dream is weird enough. But my brain being able to dissect weaving and give me an explanation that was plausible is just CRAZY!

hehe. Craftycoug, apparently we have some shopping to do.


Anonymous said...

Tehee :)
This brought a smile to my face, because I can totally see it happening to me.

Crafty Coug said...

Ok, I'm not only behind on my blog, but also in reading yours... did you know I brought my little American Girl weaving loom home after Christmas and have had brief moments where I've thought, "it can't be *that* hard!" Oh, it's complicated alright, that much I can tell you. Though I do still intend to learn :) We must have a telekinetic connection because around the time you had this dream was when I had the same idea! And remind me when we're at Stitches that I need yarn for Loope from Berocco...