Friday, January 22, 2010

In which I wonder about the lack of OJ

I am back. 9 hours of flying, and then working yesterday, I feel like death warmed over. I have successfully survived Po-Dunk, and landed squarely back in reality. *le sigh*

I received a fine invitation to go out to a cabin this weekend and chill out. I have to love my coworker for this. Unfortunately, since the plague hit, I am going to be spending the weekend in bed. Or on the couch, watching LOTR....The yarn above is the chosen medium to do the Evenstar KAL from Susan Pandorf. I am hoping the the silvery blues will complement the lace pattern. I should watch the movies again to get back into the spirit of LOTR. The yarn is Yarntopia Treasures Tencel 10/2 in Icicles, but upon looking at the site, it appears that 10/2 is a blend no longer available. Check out those colors though!

The best thing about this KAL? The fact that Susan, among others in the knitworld, has chosen to use proceeds from the sales of the KAL to donate to Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders for the efforts in Haiti


Anonymous said...

You chose a terrific fiber! I am absolutely jealous. The finished product will look great.

Crafty Coug said...

you know... there will be no lack of OJ in a few days :D