Friday, May 1, 2009


I have spent most of the week fighting off LB's plague syndrome (he has a cold, lovingly dubbed the Monkey Cough, not the Swine flu or whatever other epidemic the media is harping on). I am exhausted. I do not sleep well. I am actually kind of perturbed.

Wednesdays are the usual day that I can get away with knitting a few rows while on shift. Unfortunately, this past Wednesday was spent doing the inventory audit (making sure all the stuff was on the list for the real inventory). Let me tell you what a waste of time that was! We removed things from the list (despite my dissent) that we subsequently got in stock yesterday when our order came in. For goodness sakes, doesn't that seem freaking counter-intuitive? Again with the system being retarded, and my poor foolish lead following blindly.

Anyways, we finished inventory in record time. Partially due to my forethough of writing numbers of things onto their cases, so we didn't waste time counting them and opening all the boxes, and partially because we had *gasp* STAFFING! It was amazing. We had four student employees come in.

The down side is that I should have gotten overtime because I went in early. The sad part is, we were done so early, I could have LEFT an hour early. No overtime for me. *sigh* I really could use the money. This debt thing isn't going away on its own you know.

At any rate, it's sunny out today, unfortunately, I cannot enjoy it. I went to doctor x yesterday morning to see why the hell I have a jaw infection (yes, my diagnosis was correct) and got put on some super broad spectrum antibiotics. Joy. Trouble is, increased sun sensitivity. And I was already allergic to the sun. *sigh* The good thing is, the infection should be cleared by the time I go in for that root canal and crown thing.

Oh. and I need to find a pair of less-than-$50 handcarders. Any ideas?

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