Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sure Am Glad It's Raining

LB got a sad call this morning. His uncle passed away in the night. That was the last link to Father's side of the family. I feel sad. I mean, yes, I am still a relatively newcomer to this family, but still. He was family. Even to me. I hope LB's dad is doing okay.

In other news, CraftyCoug was able to complete one sock for me so far. Just 15 inches left of the first skein of Reynolds Sea Wool. special huh?

And I am 3.5 inches into the cuffs for the Crazy Mom Monkeys. Just a few more repeats of the lace pattern to go! Yay!


Crafty Coug said...

you know, a sock like that would not only be special, but also... heavy... :) Almost done w/ the 2nd, turned the heel on Friday and finished the first of 5 repeats of the pattern on the cuff this morning!

Pandora's Box of FIber said...

Oh squeeee!!!!!! So that means when we meet up Saturday that I will have hand knit socks to wear? *hopeful look*