Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Do You Think?

I contacted an Etsy seller on the 14th of April regarding purchasing two pounds of Jacob fleece, washed. I have still not received either a listing or the fleece. My issue is that I am the only one that is starting conversations. First, the seller was mistaken at being able to find a white fleece, which turned out to be a Shetland. This was not mentioned until I asked how it was going (two weeks later). Utter radio silence until I contacted again last week to see how long it was going to be (and to remind the seller that I was allotting money from my next paycheck in the hopes that they might get their rear in gear). Memorial Day weekend, the seller was supposed to be able to get everything figured out. I have heard nothing since the 31st, which was more "I just got back from [blah] with [blah] I will get to it this week."

How much is too much? The contact started LAST MONTH! If I were a seller interested in making a sale, 1)I would be continuing a conversation with the interested party to let them know what was going on when I ran into the FIRST issue. 2) I would have given a better time frame as to when this transaction listing could take place than "sometime"

I am frustrated. And granted, I don't expect the world to be perfect, but there has to be a breaking point where I tell the seller to keep their damn fleece because I have lost interest. In sales, regardless of how hard it is, or what the item is, communication is the most important thing. I should have been informed of these issues without me having to contact the seller to see what's going on!

I am annoyed, and I am not sure how to approach the seller about these issues without coming across as irate. I want the seller to understand that my issue isn't really the time it is taking to procure the fiber, but the lack of communication. Should I just message the person and tell them to forget about it?

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