Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sleep Deprived and Grumpy

The reason for this is quite simple. I went to be at a decent hour last night. Roughly 9ish, because I must be awake at 6:30 every morning for my class. 10pm: Someone either across the hall or above us decides to start moving in....AT 10 FREAKING PM!!!! Bang bang crash boom drop a piano bang crash slamming door! At one point I seriously thought they drop-kicked a hyena it was such a terrible noise! I swear to god, they must be vampires or something, because NOONE moves into an apartment at night, making noise til 4 am!!!

So that coloured my night, to say the least. And then I started hearing random noises. First there was water dripping into a sink. And I checked all the sinks and the tub. No water droplets. Then there was a hissing snakey sound from the living. No rattlers...I'm on the 5th floor for pete's sake. And then, trust me, this is the best part...Ishityounot, there was a sound of someone hitting their head against the bedroom wall. Now, keep in mind that the wall in question meets with a stairwell. And there was no blood. I checked. So what the hell was that?

I got to sleep around 4:15 am. I was up at 6:30. Hence the grumpiness. And get this. I was just watching season 2 episode 3 of True Blood, and the people above and slightly to the left of my apartment decided that now was an opportune time to have loud raucous sex, but, you see, the loudness comes, not from happy noises, but because the bed is hitting the wall above me. Actually, come to think of it, the girl is making a sound that resembles a tree being sawed down. :/

I want to move. really really bad. I want to not have people surrounding my living space. I want to have a house with no neighbours.

And I am still grumpy.

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Crafty Coug said...

I am sorry it was all so awful, but the way you describe it makes it sound hilarious! I have only heard my neighbors getting it on once and it had to be the shortest sex party I've ever gotten to be party to. I was a little sad for them... but glad that I don't have to listen to bed-slamming-tree-felling noises :) I'm also glad they don't move at disgusting hours of the night! Yikes!