Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Token Response

Earlier (10 am-ish)

Basketball Player from Conference: Did that hurt? (motioning to my labret piercing)
ME: Nope. Piercings are fun
BPC: Got your nipples pierced?
ME: (a little annoyed) Nope. Having one of those ripped out SUCKS!
BPC: What else do you have pierced? (insert icky gross eyebrow raise)
ME: Use your imagination. I'm not saying anything

LATER (MUCH later)

BPC: Do you go to school here?
ME: Nope. I graduated
BPC: Oh, I was gonna ask you for your number
ME: How OLD are you?
BPC: uh.....19
me:I'm twice your age
BPC: OMG, I..uh...(runa)

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