Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yes, I Know, I Know....

It has been a long-as* time since I wrote anything. And I am sorry. Really. It's just that, I have a full time job, (which is, granted, cut to 35 hours per week over the summer), I did just start doing classes again (to work towards the Business MBA program...just prereqs right now, mind you...), and am also test knitting a pattern. I am so busy, my poor little head is spinning.

In the midst of all the studying, knitting, and working, there is also that fun word: HOUSE HUNTING. More correctly, we were looking at townhouses for rent. We had decided that we definitely needed another room. (*cough cough* CRAFT ROOM) and also wanted a little more space for our ever-increasing amounts of stuff (mainly books..and mainly mine, thankyouverymuch).

We did find a place. And it is wonderful. And, no, it is not a townhouse. Apparently we are really good tenants (no duh) and our apartment manager pulled all sorts of strings to get us a 2 br/2 bath, up one floor and down the hall, for the about the same price we are paying now. The square footage is roughly 100 sq ft larger than our current place, and OMG you'll have to see the living room! It's HUGE! It's got room for a dining table! So we are scooting around trying to get all of the deposits taken care of. I am collecting boxes from work so that I can start packing the non-essentials, since we need to be out of the current place by the 31st.

Oh, and I have a midterm on Monday for my Microeconomics class. And the test pattern needs to be complete a little before the end of the month. I am crazy busy.

Rest assured, I love you guys and will try to get some pictures up here just as soon as we move!

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Crafty Coug said...

Sweet, so you only have to move within the building? Hopefully that makes it slightly easier :) No moving truck required! Just 9,000 trips and manual labor...