Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blood Demons

Sorry for the relative silence. Brother and SIL were in town last week, so I wasn't able to update much. We went to see Wicked. It was yay. Did the Seattle Underground Tour, which was amusing (no photos allowed).

Started back up on my regular schedule for work yesterday. Got up at 5 am and walked to the gym. Worked out after getting my locker assigned. Then went to bum around campus til it was time to clock in. Nothing has changed at work. It is the stocking/being bored as per usual. Got off work, had a voicemail from Mom.

Dad had been complaining about being short of breath for the past few weeks. Originally it was thought that maybe his bout of pneumonia had caused some scar tissue. And then the docs decided that since he just turned 60, it must be his heart acting up (it wasn't.) Dad went back in yesterday for some more tests. He called Mom at about 6:30 and told her that he would be spending the night in the hospital. He has pulmonary embolisms. Little Blood clot demons in his lungs. He is on blood thinners for the moment.

But: The treatment for said thing is lowfat diet and exercise. If you can't breathe to exercise, how does this work? He is already on a low fat diet. (my mom lived through 2 kids and the 90s. hello) What else can be done to treat it?

Mom was a lil freaked when I talked to her. I was a little freaked, but decided to steel my nerves, since it was caught before it caused *REALLY BAD* stuff. But still. And to top it all off, I am still going to work today.


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