Thursday, September 3, 2009

Later, I Promise

There will be FO photos of the Central Park Hoodie later. I promise. I need to get photos of it before I go posting. In the meantime, I would like to share this cute vid with you.

Oh, and I cast on for the Luna Moth Shawl for my mom's Christmas present. I have to say, either I am reading this pattern really *REALLY* wrong, or it is the easiest shawl pattern EVAR. (I like charts....*beam*) It inspires me to cast on a shawl for the MIL....after I complete this one, of course.

Yarn from WEBS should be arriving soon for my dad's Gansey (Martin Storey) It's the 4th picture down on the sliding bar of photos, the man holding the.....canteen??. The pattern was included as an extra with the August 09 Simply Knitting Mag. My brother will be getting an Escher-esque scarf, the Cubic (Rav link). I haven't exactly decided what the in-laws will be receiving. Well, I know my sister in law will be getting either yarn or a felted bag. But the rest of them I have no idea.

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