Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jeremy Clarkson and the Sheep

"I was then distracted by the sheep. I’ve always thought that a sheep was a sheep. But no. There was one that had been fitted with the head from a buffalo. There were vicious wolf sheep with spiky horns for stabbing ramblers. (I’m definitely getting some of those.) And then there was a sheep with quite the largest testicles I’ve ever seen. They would have looked ridiculous on even a brontosaurus. I swear each one was 2ft in diameter. If the RSPCA wasn’t looking, you could have used them as space hoppers."

-Jeremy Clarkson (as forwarded to me by Librarian Boyfriend)
Times Online Post

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Crafty Coug said...

Oh, I love Clarkson! I especially love his analogies :) However, it is not an entirely acceptable replacement for FO pictures!!! MUST SEE!