Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FO: My First Handspun!

OMG! My first handspun is done!
Wheel: Spun on my Ashford Kiwi, using the 8:1 ratio for both spinning and plying
Fiber Used I used the navy roving that came out of my Louet Drop Spindling kit, which they list as generic "wool". Not sure of the actual content, other than it is actually 100% wool with no kooky stuff
WPI: between 3-14 wpi, it goes all the way through fingering weight to bulky.
TPI: the singles had an average tpi of about 6 tpi, and the plied yarn is about 3-4 tpi
Drafting:The thinner portions used the modified long draw/woolen technique, the thicker portions used a short forward draw/worsted method
Finishing: Gave the plied yarn a hot bath for about 15 minutes and then thwacked it to finish. It only had to dry overnight. No, I did not rewind the singles onto different bobbins before plying. Yes, I ended up with one bobbin running out before the other during plying.

All in all, this was just me messing with and getting to know my wheel. I learned a lot about predrafting, and how to control the spin. It was fun to learn, and I have a better understanding of how to get my wheel to do what I want it to.

Next up on the spinning jag? Clown Roving! (rav link). I decided that since I am still practicing, I am going to try to spin this BFL into something more closely resembling an even fingering weight. We'll see how that goes.

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