Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What to do...

See that? That's my all time COOLEST find from the LYS Tour 2010. Got it from Oak Harbor Knits, as a commemorative bit of fluff. Honestly, I won't be spinning possum any time soon, but it was just so cool, that I couldn't resist!

I have the week off. What have I chosen to do? Clean the apartment. Oh, and troll Etsy to find spinning fiber. I've bought 3 things: 4 oz Targhee/Lincoln cross locks (already washed), 4 oz of Polwarth roving, and 4 oz of Polypay dyed in Pumpkin Orange, all from really nice sellers.

I have played a bit with my spinning wheel. Then I decided that I HAD to clean the apartment up. The clutter was getting to me.

Summer School starts on Monday. I start work again on Sunday. Weeeeeee. On the bright side, I have hopefully been able to move on to the last prerequisite before Business School. (I haven't received my last grade, and that determines if I can move on or not...)

I was hoping to have something incredibly interesting to say, but I feel that might need to wait until I have been properly caffeinated...Sorry.

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