Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spinnerly Question

All you spinners out there:
In Alden Amos' Big Book of Handspinning, he instructs you to mark your hand cards as L and R and then use them that way forever, but does not explain why. Other spinners in many other books have also said this, without explanation.

WHY?! Why should we do this? What benefit is gained?

In my mind, because my cards are made out of soft wood, it would seem that using it in the same hand all the time would create specialized wear and tear on the handles. Is it because one hand is more dominant than the other? Is there a particular reason why we would like to have specific wear on the cards?

I, being a curious kitty, really want to know!


Char said...

Well. This is just my opinion, but I don't think it makes one bit of difference. It theory it might sound logical, but in practice I have found it doesn't matter. But then again Alden and I don't agree on a whole lot of things...

Pandora's Box of FIber said...

I guess I just really want to know WHY on earth someone would suggest it. What could possibly be the reasoning behind it?