Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why yes, there HAS been progress!

I finished the Right Front on the Central Park Hoodie (rav link) and actually sat down to block the fronts and the back before starting the sleeves. So here is where the trouble started. Two packages of T Pins is not enough to properly pin down sweater bodies (note to self:get some more T pins!!!), so I had to fenangle it just a tad.

Second, you may recall my little mess up with the binding off for the neck on the left front? Well, it's a bit obvious, and no amount of blocking will fix it. Question is: how much do i really care? It's gonna be hidden by the ribbed button band anyways. Meh.

And from the photo, you can see that the back is quite obviously two toned. No worries, the whole sweater is gonna take a plunge into a dye bath to make the color change less obvious, and it IS on the back, so it will be hidden by the hood.

And, I did make a little progress on Mother's Anastasia socks. It's a wonder how many sixteenths of an inch you can add while listening to books on tape. :/

Why yes, it IS a toe! And you know what? Both the toes are done! *squeeeee*

Now, if only I can get to the heel tonight, and then finish the rest on Monday. *looks at clock* umm....

In other news, I did order a bunch of blanks, so that next weekend I can spend dyeing and putting things up on my Etsy shop. I got a new bag from Xcessrize Designs and I must say, this woman can SEW! The bag is perfect! Picture Here

And then I bought a row counter bracelet. I've wanted one for a while, but never really found one that was pretty enough to pass as just regular jewelry. But I found one while surfing Etsy, and will certainly post pictures upon receipt of the loveliness

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Crafty Coug said...

In my oh-so-vast knowledge of sweater knitting (cough cough), the weirdness at the left neck edge will be invisiblized by the ribbing or hood :) Hurray for progress! I blocked Amused last night. Will update Ravelry as soon as it's dry.