Friday, February 27, 2009

FO: Anastasia Socks

Finished the Anastasia Socks 2 days, count 'em 2 days before my mom's birthday! How cool is that?!

The Breakdown:
Pattern: Anastasia Socks by Pepperknit
Yarn: 2 skeins Koigu KPM in color 100, royal blue
Made for: Mom
Mods:I did not really pay attention to the point that I should have. Did the Turkish Cast-on from, then did increases for the toe one stitch in from the edges using kf&b. Followed the directions explicitly for the instep and sole, then once I got past the short row heel, promptly threw caution to the wind and simply picked a spot on the pattern to start the back of the leg. The front of the leg was a continuation from the instep, using the whole chart. The back of the leg was just the pattern repeat outlined in red, repeated twice. Next time, I will actually pay attention and do it right. I like the way they turned out, but because I split the front and back of the leg, the spirals don't actually spiral up the leg the way they are supposed to. I did not use up all my yarn. At the point I was at, I chose to do only 4 inch legs then a 3/4 inch cuff. Laziness in addition to time limits (had to have them done by last night so I could wash and block them and have them be dry for dinner tomorrow)
Issues: I did not bind off loose enough (should have done EZ's Sewn Bind Off) the first time on the cuff, so had to frog back at 11pm last night. This including splicing the yarn back together since I had already chopped and woven ends in. My fault. I admit it. It's not the pattern at all.
Summary: Make this pattern. Follow the instructions explicitly. It is a gorgeous pattern, and I ended up really enjoying the cuff suggestion, because it blends the pattern beautifully into the cuff. I will be knitting these again. :)

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