Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Things of Note

1) I must say that Eric, of Cables and Lace has now reached my "favorite person on the face of the planet" category. Through a series of conversations (not only with the sock club mix up of 2008) he has graciously helped me with information seeking regarding my Etsy shop, and the next steps I should take. Many thanks to Eric and his gracious nature. (BUY HIS STUFF) I've loved everything that I've ever gotten from his shop, and he himself is a gracious, generous, and downright awesome guy!

2) the Knit Kit I want one. Now. Before flying in July. I want one!!! And why the hell has no one come up with this before?? It's an amazing idea, and TSA approved. Best thing since sliced bread, methinks!

oh yeah, and I was trolling etsy, and may have ended up buying a bracelet...a row counter bracelet. it's pretty. :D

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