Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Day Has Gotten Infinitely Better!

1) Alcariel, from Round the Twist with Carin videocast, drew my name for a giveaway! It's so exciting to win something! and it's laceweight! and it's gonna be mine! *super squeeeeeeee*, Alcariel, I emailed you, just look for the email from Pandora's Slave.

2) I, in my infinite wisdom accidentally ordered the wrong shirt from Shirt.Woot. I really needed a women's L, not a man's L. Now they don't normally do exchanges when you order the wrong size, but apparently I got super customer service, and they are going to allow me to get the correct size. So, as a special thank you, please go to Shirt.Woot and buy some shirts! For your info, the shirt I ordered the wrong size in was "It Came Out Of Nowhere" which was designed by Aled Lewis. Trust me, anything Doctor Who related makes me happy. And this is no exception.

3) The South African Top that I kettle dyed is almost all dry, and I am especially excited because no felting occurred. This is the first spinning fiber I have dyed, so I was a little worried it would be a horrible day gone wrong. As soon as I figure out how to braid it so it looks pretty, I promise pictures.

In the meantime, here is a picture to make everyone happy.

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