Friday, August 6, 2010

Stash Fun

So, I had a mini vacation this past week, took a few days off and headed over to have some fun. Here's the awesome loot of awesome-ness!

Okay, so the picture of the sheep is a t-shirt I scored at an LYS called Wooly Bully that shows the grading of a sheep fleece (why yes, it DOES resemble the Good Eats cow/pig/sheep prime cuts diagrams...)

The black yarn blob is actually some reclaimed yarn that my buddy CraftyCoug scored for me in one of her thrift store excursions. I haven't checked the yardage yet, but it's soft, and *gasp* black...which is amusing because I had to borrow some of this same yarn in order to do Sackboy's mouth last year.

CraftyCoug also procured some chartreuse Angelina fiber by Bryson Distributing in the color "Limetreuse" for me from Paradise Fibers when she had gone over there. I think I will try to spin it up with my merino tencel from WoolGatherings.

I also bought some Louet South African Top, from a lovely place called Cashmere Cottage Yarns, along with some Schoppel-Wolle pencil roving in color 1967 (super original name there...) which is a split of black and grey.

I had great fun, and also got some good loot!

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