Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the Darkest of Times

There is still the Rockin Sock Club. I received my March shipment. Now, I am not one for mauves and browns, but damn, this is pretty. And I fully respect Stephanie Pearl-McPhee for her use of picot edges and rosebuds.

I will knit these. As soon as I finish selling all my yarn.

I don't suppose that I can use this as a method of achieving my goal to reduce my stash size. I am too depressed to think about it.

Mom took me out to lunch today, and then we went up to get her new glasses. I talked to her regarding my situation with the JOB. She agrees that I should be turning in notice before I become jaded at being screwed out of hours and insurance. I think I am making the right decision. But it's so scary. Because as soon as notice is given, it's.....PERMANENT. No going back, no safety net. Nothing. And that's what's really getting to me.

I am selling my possessions to afford rent the next few months. I wake up, apply online for jobs, search for opportunities and job fairs. I look at the mountains of yarn that I am saying goodbye to. I stare into the box of undyed yarns that I must take care of. I look at my Etsy shop and pray that it'll be enough. And then I think about my collection of rare books, and think about how I can sell them.

But at least I still have BMFA Rockin Sock Club to look forward to. Since it was paid for when the times were good, hopefully it will inspire those good times to return.

In the meantime, I will knit.

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