Sunday, March 8, 2009

Even When Standing Still

I still get attacked by productivity. Yesterday was a slow day for me: I woke up late, sat around most of the day, took care of some laundry and dishes. Generally loafed around. But then I did get a lot done on reorganization.

I researched what I would need to do to finish my spinning wheel. I have decided that there must be a way involving a few hinges to make it foldable, and will be speaking with my engineer (aka Dad) later today about it. I want to make sure that my wheel will last for eons without a hitch. I figure that, while waxing it would be fun, it may not offer the kind of protection that the wood needs. So finishing it seems like the best option. And I think that I have figured out a way to make it foldable.

I knit on my Hawaiian Waterfall socks (rav link) Waterfall pattern by Wendy Johnson, available as a free download from her website I am now one increase away from being done with the toes. And no, the lighting is not good enough for pictures...sorry. I hope that the pattern will zip by once I start doing the actual pattern repeats, because I want my socks, dangit!

I have not worked at all on the Central Park Hoodie. Two sleeves and a hood away, and I am simply not getting anywhere. I did cast them on twice, though. I tried very hard to get them started. However, the directions I was following for doing a two at a time cast on were....hazy. So I looked around online and found a good tutorial for it. I just haven't done anything since then. Meh. I do want to cast on other sweaters though.

By the way. The attempt at doing NaKniSweMoDo....not happening. It's March already and I don't even have one sweater to show for it. Hopefully I will get at least three sweaters by the end of the year *looks at watch* Hrmph.

In other news, the apartment is semi clean. Oh, and CraftyCoug bought me some yarn that I will most likely be trading for a stash object she seemed to really like. :D That counts, right? As destashing?

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