Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Backpedaling is the New Black

So. In my meeting today:

"we never said you'd have cut hours or lose your benefits! That must have been a miscommunication! Oh, and I understand you don't like your new location. But just give it a chance, and we will work with you. Here's some sunshine and posies to make it all better"

Okay...so the last sentence didn't happen. But it should have. there was a WHOLE LOT of apologies and silliness, which I think was instituted by the Union jumping down management's throat. Go union. I knew those dues were worth something.

Oh, and I sold another sweater's worth of yarn. Thanks guys, you just paid for some it-really-can't-wait dental work. I appreciate how much you guys wanted to help.

I still wanna quit my job. But at least know I can bide my time until i am actually ready to move somewhere else. Let me tell you though, I am still applying like crazy to other places. It's just that there is less....urgency, I suppose.

Hooray. Oh, and tomorrow I get to take the day off in order to go get a crown put in. oh squee.

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