Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wanna See What I Got?

Went to Acorn Street Shop today in order to procure Addi Turbo Lace needles in 2 mm size for my Waterfall Socks (rav link)

Ended up walking out with a sweaters worth of Cascade 220 in the MOST gorgeous purple.

It's called Italian Plum. (yes, cascade has names to go with the this case the number is 8886) Isn't it pretty? I think I may want to make Titania (rav link) minus the silly vertical lines on the bust. Those are not flattering at all. We will see.

Also got a clasp for the Alvise Cardigan that is sitting unloved in my WIPs closet. I may have to dig that out after the CPH is done. (BTW, STILL only the sleeves and the hood to go...:/....)

And I of course did get the 40" US 0 and 00 needles.

The new Twist Collective is up, and damn, there is some pretty stuff in there! I want to make Primrose Path, Ardent Jacket, and also ALL of the socks. I amy even be convinced to make the Grant Pullover (same page as Ardent Jacket) for Librarian Boyfriend. If he's lucky. I am also definitely queueing the Pisara.

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