Monday, March 30, 2009

Union Contract makes good

I am working 8 hours today. Mini blessing in a sea of screwed-up-ed-ness. This buys me a little time to figure out my next *uber mature* move.

I want to be done with this, but I also really like having a job. really a lot. Strange, isn't it?

And so, I go to work today, keep my head down, and pray for rain.


Crafty Coug said...

I've learned recently, and not just from you, that not having a job isn't fun like we think it would be when we're working and not loving it. I'm glad you've got your head up :) And as always I am here for you in whatever capacity you need me!

Pandora's Box of FIber said...

Aww punkin. That just means you have to buy me more souvenir yarn. :D