Monday, July 12, 2010

Good News! or...TDF Day 8

I am done spinning the singles from the clown roving! (Yarn Pirate's 100% BFL in Zinnia) I think the average wpi is in the range of lace to dk weight. Hopefully after plying I will have something usable.

The colors really are that bright in real life. Really. Bright. So tonight (around midnight, once the last single has rested its full 24 hours) I will be plying. Now, originally, I was thinking I would just do a 3 ply, but I may attempt to navajo ply one of the singles, and then do a 2 ply, to see which turns out better. I will say this: I did get better at spinning evenly. There is a definite reason BFL is so popular as a spinning fiber. It's got enough crimp to hold together, and it's still smooth enough to be pleasant. I wonder how much it'll grow after washing. I imagine it'll bloom at least a little bit.

Tomorrow is the Tour De Fleece day of rest. Honestly, since it's my day off, I think I will still spin, and save my day of rest for later, when I have my midterm...

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