Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tour De Fleece Day 4

Progress thus far: Started the second 4 oz braid, after predrafting the entire thing on Monday. Tuesday was spent spinning the first third of it. (I didn't measure by's all sort of....a guesstimate)

I washed the ugly navajo plied skein, ended up with about 24 yards. It really did fluff up a bit after washing, and once it's dry, I will show you all of its ugly glory. I feel like my next few bobbins of singles will navajo ply better, simply because they are more evenly spun (mind you, I am still not an expert, so instead of varying wildly between super bulky and fingering, these are now varying between fingering and sport weight...)

Hopefully I will finish the first bump tonight and then be able to ply another single, since it has rested for a day. :)

So far I am doing really well with spinning every day, and working my way through the clown roving. Even did some carding of the shetland fleece last night while watching LB play some video games. And I think I've got the method figured out for navajo plying (by the way, the first skein I navajo plied, the colors did really stay together better than I thought...)

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