Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look what I made!!!!

Yarn Pirate 100% BFL in Zinnia
WPI:between 16 and 12 for the lot
Plying:2 ply
Drafting/Spinning Method:predrafted a little, semi-woolen (I switched between long draw and a modified inchworm)
Yardage: The top skein gave me 84.75 yards, and the bottom was 76.3 yards approximately (and I say approximately only because there are bits that are thicker and thinner, so can throw off the math)
Thoughts:I love the fiber, but the colors weren't really my thing. I am not usually a fan of pink, but this turned out really well with the slight barber pole effect. Would I spin it again? In a heartbeat. The fiber was glorious, and even the colors turned out much better.

This was much better than the terrible navajo plying I did with the first single. I am glad I decided that navajo plying wasn't the only option.
And check this out! Out of 4 bobbins of singles, this is all I had left!

Next up: The Shetland Fleece aka Sheep to...Something

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