Friday, July 9, 2010

TDF 2010 Day 6, or Finished Object Friday!

Handspun clown roving

Fiber: Yarn Purate 100% BFL in Zinnia
Wheel: Ashford Kiwi
Ratio: 8:1 ratio
Ply Navajo Plied
WPI: between 6 wpi and 14 wpi
Spinning style: mostly woolen. I varied a little, but tried to stick with a long draw technique.

Thoughts:OMG. This is the ugliest yarn I have ever made. Totally uneven, weirdly set, etc. All of these things are my fault however. The roving was a dream to spin, and I really like how the color combo (clown roving) turned out. I wasn't really a fan of my lack of consistency with its spinning, however. My singles were all over the map as far as wpi. Twists per inch were somewhere between 3 and 8 for the Navajo plying.

It's ugly. But I made it. And it is my first completed skein for the Tour de Fleece 2010. I am proud of that. I have 4 more ounces of this colorway that I am working through right now, using my fast flyer and the 14:1 ratio. I hope it'll be better this time around.

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Joanne said...

Have you washed your finished yarns? Sometimes the plying looks better have you have washed them and let them hang to dry.