Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tour De Fleece Day 5 & 6

It feels like Tour de Fleece day four million and one! Same stuff, all looks the same. Still spinning the clown roving on my Ashford Kiwi, at the higher ratio of 14:1. It's still varying between 32 wpi and 26 wpi, but closer in range than before. It seriously feels like I've accomplished nothing, despite me being on the last of three bumps of the second 4 oz braid.

After the horror that was navajo plying (simply not a good match for this yarn) I have decided that the second braid's singles will be turned into a three ply. I think it'll be fine, even if the colors don't stay in distinct groups.

Since all the pictures look the same at this point, I decided to share a picture of my dinner instead. MMMM....strawberries....

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