Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good News, Or "That's It, I'm Gonna Be A Dentist!"

Okay, so guess what I did today! yep. Dropped $600 on dental work. I did get the crown of doom put in (it was only a year old, and the damn thing FELL OUT! AHem. New year, new dentist. BTW, never go to Derakshani in Bellevue. Punk) So, new dentist, puts it in, after an hour of making sure it was absolutely perfect. At this point, I really appreciate careful dentistry. Then we discussed my treatment plan. You see, I am still of the mindset that this job that I am in is gonna be the death of me. So I suggested that we do the most important stuff in the next two months, that way, when summer is here, I can skip on over to a new job, and not worry about dentistry for a few months.

They had extra time, so they asked if I wanted to get one of the more pressing fillings done. Cost? Still in budget. So I agreed. 20 minutes later, a perfectly matching porcelain filling on number 6. cool. And they are able to get me in again in April for the rest of the pressing fillings (2). Okay, so my patient portion was a goodly chunk. Just imagine being the dentist! that's gotta pay the bills and then some! (perhaps this is why golfing was listed as one of her hobbies...those 9 irons aren't cheap!) So that's it. I'm gonna study to become a dentist.

It makes me happy that the University is actually paying for my smile. In more ways than one. :D

Rewind. Before leaving for my appointment, I set some sock yarn to soak in wetting bath so that I could spend the afternoon dyeing. And dye I have. I have one colorway done. All handpainted and purty (pictures to follow, once it has dried and been reskeined.) I have colors picked out for the second one.

BTW: Costco plastic wrap? EXCELLENT for microwave dyeing. In fact, it was so easy and clean! *squee*

So I will finish dyeing those up, and hopefully be able to update the Etsy shop next week. (have to wait for new niddy noddy to show up. So midweek, I think)

oh, and the job still sucks. No matter what they tell you.

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