Monday, January 12, 2009

Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash

Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash

I have always had recommendations from my local yarn shops (yes, there is more than one) saying that Eucalan is the way to go with washing your handknits.

Being willing to experiment, I bought one of the sample bottles, and used it on a swatch for a yarn review. I must say, I certainly didn't smell anything that resembled grapefruit when the swatch was soaking.

The swatch was fairly clean to begin with. And, to be fair, the Eucalan does appear to do its job of cleaning and removing grime without that pesky rinsing.

My only issue is the smell. The wool wash itself smells VERY (and I do mean very) faintly of grapefruit straight out of the bottle, but when it is added to water, the scent promptly vanishes.

I think this is probably a good wash for when you don't want anything overly perfume-y on your woolens, because there was no scent left on the swatch at all.

Overall, it cleans well, didn't appear to damage the fibers (the most important thing), and for ease of use, it gets an A+ because of the rinsing not being necessary. Scent-wise, there are three scents, and being that I have only tried the grapefruit scent, I cannot say if the others are any better or worse.

Personally, I prefer something with a little more of a scent that says "Hey, I'm clean and fresh", so Eucalan may not be my first choice. But as far as cleaning and freshening goes, it does well.

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