Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Good News Is:

I have lost 3 lbs since January. I am under the 200 lb mark. (not that it's a huge step, but it is a step nonetheless). This was done without paying attention really. So just think what can happen if I actually pay attention!

I joined Fitness Magazine's You Can Do It program thingie. I took a look at what exercises I need to do, I am gonna log my calories, and I will try to lose a total of 44 lbs. By the way, it's free.

I also made enough money that I can afford to buy a new bag. Am I going to? Nope. It's going to pay on my credit card instead. I don't like being in debt and the only way that's gonna happen is by actually putting all spare money towards paying it off. Easy enough. I already put a portion of each paycheck towards this goal. It's just a matter of time.

I feel good about today. And also, last night I was grumpy, and my lead made me a cherry hot chocolate (how did she know that's my drink?) It was sweet and thoughtful. yay!

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