Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's the mail, it never fails!

It makes me wanna wag my tail, when it comes i wanna wail, "MAIL!"

So, got a lovely package from my best friend from high school CraftyCoug.

She sent me nifty!

Okay, so the best part is, this was all birthday stuff. I love the pattern book, because there are two patterns in it that I.MUST.KNIT. The yarn is gorgeous, and stems from a conversation we had previously about Fly Designs. I am so glad to be able to try this yarn out (when I get around to knitting socks for myself). the card was totally spot on, because she has known me through at least 4 hair color incarnations, and on the inside it says "good friends never change (hair color doesn't count)" I was laughing. The change purse is awesome, because in my current job I cannot show any attitude, so I will do it with my money. :P And *then* the post it notes. "She kind of enjoyed working for an idiot". OMFG, after this week, I do feel I am working for morons. Totally spot on, thanks CraftCoug!

This has prepared me for my day at work. :D

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