Monday, January 12, 2009

Tool Review: The Fibersphere

The Fibersphere, (photos from

There are always new and clever ways to carry around your balls of yarn. Yarn-tainers, plastic bags, and other plastic toys that seem to be okay for a while, but only until you have to move the knitting and ball of yarn, and discover that you have to CUT the yarn to remove it from the carrying case.

Enter the Fibersphere. Not only is it cleverly designed into a clamshell design, with the hole on the center of the opening, so that you don't have to cut the yarn to remove the project, but it also has uber smooth edges so even loosely spun angora does not snag!

This was a buy on a whim a few months ago for me. I figured, why not? And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. This is a great for carrying/protecting even the LARGEST of balls (2200 yards of merino, anyone?) and comes in two sizes, the 5" and 7" clamshell.

There is even a choice between a pink and a clear balls, and a drawstring plastic/pvs bag, so that you can tie it to your knitting bag and knit while walking.

The pricing varies between $24 and $27 depending on size. I bought one of each size, and really enjoy that they allow either center pull balls or hand wound balls with ease. You can even squash one of the long skeins into a Fibersphere with no trouble.

Silk or angora slide easily through the hole and knit with ease without the slightest snag, and are protected from purse fuzz and knitting bag mishaps.

Final verdict? If you can afford it, buy a Fibersphere instead of any other yarn containing device. The extra few dollars are worth it.

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