Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baudelaires and Snake Cable on the needles

I am still working on my Baudelaires, but have just come to the heel section. I think it seems absolutely ridiculous to work the 41 stitches for the first row of the heel. Insanity! Still haven't decided if I will use Cookie A's heel or do one of my own. After reading some Ravelry it seems that the pattern heel turns out a little too big. Considering mom has *freakishly* small feet, I may have to do some creative changes. Perhaps a short row heel would be better suited?

Also, on the personal technology front, I have decided that I will most likely be buying the second gen Google phone once it hits the market. My phone is kinda....crapping out, and I like new toys anyways. Most likely this release will be sometime next year, so I have time to save some money.

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