Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why the sock torment, WHY?!

So. I've spent the past two weeks working on a pair of Baudelaires for mum for Christmas. She gave me foot measurements and everything. I tried them on, with my quite-a-bit-larger feet, and they were LOOSE on me. So what is one to do? I refuse to tear them out. Absolutely refuse. So I decreased so the stitch count is the one for the smaller size.

I was sorely tempted to start some arm warmers for myself (A Little Twist Wristwarmers...see side bar progress report and link to the Ravelry page) and got through the cast on for the first one...then decided it wasn't a wise decision. I may just have to finish those socks before I think about casting on anything else.

Why am I being this way, you ask? It's because I want these Christmas presents done well before I go back to knitting for myself. I have a scarf and hat to keep me warm. I will not cast on for me before I finish the other 3 gifts (socks, scarf, and hat) for my family members.

We'll see if the decreases help with the socks...*crosses fingers*

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