Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank You

For everyone who cast a vote yesterday, thank you. This may be the largest turn out of voters in my lifetime. Thank you for showing us all that our opinions still matter.

As for our President Elect, while I am incredibly hopeful of the possible things Obama could do in office, we must remember that the country will not change overnight, just because he has plans. Even though it didn't seem like it the past 8 years, we must recognize that the Commander in Chief does not have unlimited power. I hope Barack Obama will have intelligent and savvy people as his advisors.

Also, it is a long road to the White House especially for someone who is a threat to the way things are now. I hope that our men do their utmost to protect the President Elect.

Despite knowing these things, I am still the most hopeful that I have been in the past 10 years. Thank you again for casting a vote, regardless of who you voted for.

(BTW, I'm pretty sure the most important Propositions for my state passed. SQUEEE)

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