Friday, November 14, 2008

Twist Collective Winter 2008

The latest issue of Twist Collective is up. And it is GORGEOUS. Ysolda Teague has created another sweater that I absolutely MUST knit. :)

Patterns I will/must buy are:

Ysolda Teague's Vivian

Mari Muinonen's Sylvi...for when I can really afford to buy fifteen skeins of yarn in one go. hehe.

I am tempted sorely by Fiona Ellis' Rebecca pullover, but am not sure I could get away with wearing it, so that will go into the queue. We shall see.

And the total bill so far? $21. Not bad. Although I may have to add the Harika socks by Stephanie van der Linden just so I can have something chellenging to do. Either that or I will adapt the pattern so I can make some arm warmers.

In other news: I have a job interview for an assistant manager position for a big wig coffee shop. I am friggin excited, I tell you, because my current job is kinda...stressful. I have to deal with poopy people. One of which is my immediate superior. *Sigh* Oh to get out of there. :D

Pixel, darling kittie, has discovered how to open cupboards and drawers now. She wraps her little paws around the knob, like a kid, and pulls. This worries me, because I thought we could get away with NOT putting the kid-proofing things on the cupboards. Another weekend project I think

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