Saturday, November 22, 2008

Progress and Update-y Goodness

First off, I received tons of packages this week, which caused me to enter *SQUUEEEE* mode. The first was from YarnPirate and was the second installment of the Sock Club. This colorway is called Herron, and is a mixture of muted teals, purples, and some grey. (I will post pictures as soon as some good lighting magically appears) I am thinking that this will become a pair of socks for myself, possibly the Rivendells from Eclectic Sole by Janel Laidman.

The second package was my order, which included "Seven Things that Can Make or Break a Sweater" which I first read about in a Knitter's Review article. This book is great because it really only has seven chapters, and each on covers something you may not have thought of, such as how increases and decreases affect your overall sweater design, or how the right type of seaming can make all the difference. It is a great reference book to have. The second book was Picture Perfect Knits by Laura Birek, whose blog I started following. I was really interested to see how this book would turn out when I found out it was being published, because I do have a new fascination with Intarsia. I am hoping that her simple explanations make it easier for me to do.

The third package was from ArtemisArtemis whose etsy shop is filled will shiny and yay items of joy. I joined the fiber club with a four month membership, and absolutely *love* my first installment of fiber. It is called Mulled Wine, and (I promise pictures, once there is decent light...) and it is a lovely blend of Glitz, Merino, Bamboo, and Sparkle in shades of burgundy, orange, purple, and red. I have to tell you, I am really looking forward to getting my spinning wheel in January, because this stuff BEGS to be spun up into something shiny. The fiber club gives you 4 oz of roving in the selected colorway, and I swear, these batts are bigger than the listing. I loves it. I loves it good.

Last on the list of orders, I actually went through T-Mobile and ordered my G1. I was able to get a great price on it, simply by renewing my contract for another 2 years. I was told that I should be receiving it by the end of November, so that's yay. Another cool thing is that HTC announced they were now going to package the phones with the 3.5 mm headphone adapter for the USB port. So that means I can use my good headphones when I play with my phone. Hooray for cool stuff!

On the Job Front, I went and had my interview last Tuesday, and I feel that it went *really* well. In fact, I went to work right afterwards, and was bouncing all over the place. Checked my phone on my first break. They had called me to schedule the second interview. a SECOND INTERVIEW for an assistant MANAGER position!!! So that will happen next week. Huzzah! Gawd, even if they decide that one of the other candidates is more suited to the position, I made it past the first cut! I mean, wow! I am really excited to see how this all turns out. And it reminds me that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. :D

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