Monday, December 1, 2008

Book reviews:

I was at the bookstore yesterday, and was able to get two knitting books at a discount. hooray!

The first is Knit One Below by Elise Duvekot

It is by XRX publishing. And I have to tell you. I love the information and all the great projects...but damn. I hate the layout! It's the same layout as with Knitter's Magazine which means, it has all the pertinent information on the left hand column, and then the pattern. This is really handy, I know...but it's still ugly.

Anyways, there is a skirt in there that I want to do, and a few sweaters that I will be heavily modifying, as they are not for the young crowd.

The second book I got was Classic Elite Knits

This is organized by the person it would be for: man, woman, kids, and then it has a section at the back for accessories. Now, I have to say that the choice of yarn that it used for these projects is often....something I would not choose for any of my handknits. However, the look of the piece can be preserved if we only substitute it for a more acceptable color. There are 100 designs in here. And I feel like this book will be more of an inspiration for me.

I do recommend buying both of these books, for reference if nothing else. There are plenty of patterns in them, and I like the theory behind them.

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