Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Louet Euroflax Sport

In working with Euroflax for LB's mom's handtowels, I have noticed a few things:

First, this yarn is a lot softer than I expected. Now, keep in mind that part of that could be due to the fact that I washed the skein once before I wound it into a center pull ball. But I do think that because the linen is wetspun makes a difference. It doesn't tear up my hands as much as one would think.

Second, I have gone down 4, count 'em 4 needle sizes, and the fabric STILL looks too loose. Is this an issue with the yarn? Possibly. I also think that I may be a little weird when it comes to knitting with anything other than wool. Does anyone have this issue? It's such a pity, because I really wanted to make a skirt out of another color of Euroflax in the stash, but somehow I think that having to go down to 0000 size needles is just not in the cards.

Third, I have read that linen softens and stretches a little bit with wear and washing. Do you think I accounted for this when I cast on? Nope. Not even remotely. This means that chances are, this hand towel will end up being bath sized after a few washings. Oi.

Other than my knitterly weirdness, I do like working with this yarn. It's really nice, and I like that I am making something utilitarian. I think it makes a better present when it is useable. :D

Has anyone else worked with this? Did they have the same issues?

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