Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ripple Hand Towel false start

Started to do the Ripple Hand Towel. Cast on the prescribed 44 stitches on both a US2 and a US4 needle, and decided the US2 did not make the towel wide enough, and the US4 created a fabric that was entirely too loose.

I am starting over on the US2, but I am adding a total of 24 stitches, so that I can do three more repeats to make it wider. I have not gone back to cast this on, as I need a US2 wooden needle, and my stash has swallowed all of those. Gotta wait til I get to the store....*sigh*

Also, the yarn i am using, Louet Euroflax in Sage, is just a little too loosely spun. It's workable, but I was hoping for something a little more easily knit. Ah well, at least the first washing (before winding into a ball) helped soften it up a bit so it wouldn't destroy my hands. :)

On the job front, I did not get the Assistant Manager position. Not that I was expecting to, but...still kinda disappointed. I am still in the running for two lead positions at my current job, and that seems to be going well, considering that the supervisors have started asking my coworkers how they think I would do. (it's a good thing I am well liked and am effective at getting things done...)

hehe. Gotta go do another food handler's permit class today. It's time to renew come January, and this is the last class before I would be working without a permit. It's two hours of pure fun I tell you!

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