Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's a Balmy Saturday Morning

And by that, I mean that it is 32 degrees right now, (a nice balmy 3 degress C for the metric of us)

I am cold. And grumpy that I am awake on a Saturday at 6:30am. I don't get to sleep in today. And trust me, I know this is my own doing. I am the one that scheduled my day like this. But I can still whine that I would rather stay home, knit, and be in bed. That's just the way it is.

I think perhaps I should invest in an espresso machine. Make myself mochas with 5 gazillion shots first thing in the morning. It'd be good. (loud, but good) And I might be happier about this whole getting out of bed thing.

The good news is: I have started the second ball of yarn on dad's scarf, so I am a lil over halfway done with it, and I am within two inches of finishing both of my mom's socks. I did the math, and figure that with one inch of ribbing, I should do just one more inch of patterning. Photos to follow once they are done and blocking.

No news on the new job front. I still haven't heard anything. Le sigh. But at least my current position has substantially improved, and hopefully that lead position will just drop into my lap come winter quarter (hey, it's the U, and hiring takes time)

In other news, I love love love my new phone. The G1 rocks, except for its battery life. I got down to 9% last night before I could plug it in. Even though I had wifi turned off, the 3G network still eats battery hardcore. So, I charge it every night, don't browse the internet, and am now trying to use the 2G network settings to see if that helps. Realistically, I don't need to be on 3G when I am not surfing the web, so I am gonna try this set up for a bit. Oh, and yes, I did download the comparison shopper program where you photograph the UPC and it searches for the best price. Hey, it was free off of the Android network. :D

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